What is a “lacuna”?

I have chosen the title “The lacunae” for this blog. But that brings us to the obvious questions; why, and what is a lacuna?

According to Wikipedia, the term lacuna (plural: lacunae) generally refers to a gap of some kind. I chose to use this term as a name for several reasons:

  1. Parts of older texts often become unreadable. A such unreadable part is called a lacuna. I want this blog to be a collection of thoughts that could fill holes in other peoples reasoning, or missing parts of my own thoughts that I have later come to correct.
  2. As I also intend to write on science, The Lacunae seem to fit perfect, as science is all about filling up the holes in the knowledge of mankind.
  3. I also spend much of my time with music, listening and also writing my own. Thus, lacuna is a good word as it also has a musical meaning. In music, a lacuna is an intentional, extended passage, during which no notes are played. It is not the same as a rest, which only last for a short time, and is not intended to draw attention to itself. The lacuna, is written to draw attention to the silence between two musical passages, and is considered a passage itself.
  4. The word is quite similar of the word laguna (a Hamming distance of one, actually), which is a word I personally like a lot.
  5. The word lacuna also have a juridical meaning, referring to a lack of a law to address a certain situation, though this did not really influence my choice of it…

What I write here is intended to be my thoughts on various issues, hopefully expressing things not everyone else have already thought. Please comment if you think you have anything to add to something I have written. Maybe we can fill each other lacunae up!


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